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NovationSi Develops CNT-based Rubber for Medical Devices

Published on 2021-01-25. Edited By : SpecialChem

TAGS:  Medical    Electrical & Electronics     Nanotechnologies    

NovationSi has developed PURmix® high consistency rubber (HCR) healthcare compounds that enhance electrical properties of silicone rubber, using patent-pending technologies that incorporate a revolutionary single-wall carbon nanotube ("SG101") developed by Zeon Corporation.

By effectively dispersing Zeon’s SG101 single-wall carbon nanotubes into NovationSi’ PURmix® HCR healthcare compounds, the electrically conductive properties of the cured article are greatly enhanced.

Application in Devices for Neuromodulation Therapies


A practical application of this novel silicone technology is medical devices that perform neuromodulation therapies on the human body. In fact, the first clinical use of this new silicone compound has already won FDA clearance in suppressing essential tremors and has been released to the medical device market for use on patients under physicians’ care.

Essential tremors affect 4% of the population above the age of 40; for those 65 and older, there is a 20% prevalence of the disorder. Clinical trials associated with this study found that many patients showed reduction in tremors in part due to the therapeutic advances made possible by this new technology.

It’s exciting to see this revolutionary silicone technology helping those suffering from neuro-physical diseases,” shared Bob Bradley, president of NovationSi. “Further developments are progressing with these technologies.”

Although this technology is still in its infancy and the scale of our business is small, we would like to contribute to society by taking the patient's standpoint and integrating it with other companies’ technologies,” said Kohei Arakawa, president of Zeon Nanotechnology. “The possibility that its adoption in medical devices will give momentum to business development for general industrial use is beginning to appear, and significant growth is expected in 2022.

Source: NovationSi
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