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Teknor Apex Introduces Flame Retardant PVC Compounds for Various Cable Applications

Published on 2022-10-10. Edited By : SpecialChem

TAGS:  Electrical & Electronics   

Teknor Apex Introduces Flame Retardant PVC Compounds for Various Cable Applications Teknor Apex has added newly developed FireGUARD® PVC compounds for a variety of cable types from copper data cable jackets to fiber optic cables, to specialty and security cables to their product portfolio.

Easy Installation in Tight Plenum Spaces

These compounds, which provide low smoke generation and low flame propagation performance have enabled cables to meet and exceed all applicable performance testing requirements of UL Subjects 13, 1424 and 444 including those of NFPA 262 for Flame Travel and Smoke. They’re also the preferred choice of electricians as cables made with these lower-flexural modulus compounds resist kinks and knuckling making them easier to install, especially in tight plenum spaces.

Some of the newest innovations have even lower smoke and higher oxygen indexes compared to the previously commercialized products enabling larger, higher density cables to comply with NFPA 262 requirements.

These features are critical in applications such as data centers, wireless infrastructure for buildings and campuses and security systems” said David Braun, wire and cable industry manager for the vinyl division. “Cables used in these spaces are subjected to rigorous, large scale flame testing to ensure their safety performance. Teknor Apex works closely with UL and other regulatory bodies so cable manufacturers can be confident the materials they are using have been fully tested and comply with applicable requirements.

At IWCS 2022, Teknor Apex Company will feature a full range of FireGUARD® compounds for plenum applications in addition to their Apex®, Flexalloy®  and Halguard®  product lines.

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Source: Teknor Apex


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