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EU Cosmetics Packaging Regulations: How to Avoid Costly Mistakes

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Tuesday Jun 11, 2024

Tired of navigating the maze of EU cosmetic packaging regulations? This course cuts through the complexity and equips you with the knowledge to confidently navigate the ever-changing landscape.

Join industry expert Andreas Grabitz as he guides you through the core principles of the EU Cosmetics Regulation. You'll gain a clear understanding of the legal frameworks, safety evaluations, and industry guidelines needed for avoiding product recalls damaging brand reputation.

This course empowers you to:

  • Master the key directives and regulations that impact cosmetic packaging in the EU.
  • Navigate the process of safety evaluations for your chosen packaging materials.
  • Confidently explore diverse packaging options, including glass, plastic, metal, and paper.
  • Stay ahead of the curve by exploring upcoming regulatory changes and anticipating potential challenges.

Protect your brand and ensure smooth sailing in the EU market. Enroll today!

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Presented By:
Andreas Grabitz

Length: 90 min

Course Type: Regulation
Level: Intermediate

Next Session: Jun 11, 2024
10:00 a.m. (New York City)
4:00 p.m. (Paris)

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Why should you attend?

Feeling lost in the labyrinth of EU cosmetic packaging regulations? Constantly changing rules and confusing details can make you want to throw your hands up and call a consultant – every single time! But what if you could navigate this yourself, saving time and money?

Steer clear of hefty fines for non-compliance ultimately damaging your brand image and consumer trust. Master EU compliance through this course, allowing access to the vast European market, giving your brand a bigger horizon to excel on.

Learn about:

  • Key EU regulations: Master the directives that impact your packaging choices.

  • Demystifying migration testing and safety assessments: Gain confidence in choosing safe materials that won't compromise your product.

  • Material restrictions made easy: Understand which substances are off-limits for cosmetic packaging.

  • Packaging material by material: Learn the regulatory implications of using glass, plastic, metal, paper, and more, according to Cosmetic Europe guidelines.

Stop relying on expensive consultants! Take control and ensure your cosmetic packaging meets all EU regulations. Enroll today!

Who should attend?

This course is designed for professionals involved in various aspects of the cosmetic industry, including:

  • Cosmetic formulators, product developers, and brand owners
  • Packaging designers and developers
  • Regulatory compliance specialists
  • Quality assurance professionals

Complete the course and (unlock your personalized certificate) – your badge of accomplishment awaits!

Course Outline

  1. Introduction to EU Cosmetics Regulation and Packaging Requirements

    • Overview of EU cosmetic regulations
    • Requirements for cosmetic packaging materials

  2. Safety Evaluation of Cosmetic Packaging

    • Importance of safety assessments for packaging materials
    • Migration testing and its role in ensuring consumer safety
    • Restrictions on prohibited and restricted substances in packaging

  3. Cosmetic Europe Guidelines on Packaging for Cosmetics

    • Introduction to Cosmetic Europe and its role in the industry
    • Understanding the key recommendations of the Guidelines on Packaging for Cosmetics
    • Best practices for material selection and design.

  4. Using Post-consumer Recycled Plastics (PCR) in Cosmetic Packaging

    • The growing demand for sustainable packaging solutions
    • Regulatory considerations for using PCR in the EU
    • Challenges and opportunities associated with PCR usage
    • Case studies and future trends in sustainable cosmetic packaging

  5. Upcoming regulatory changes

    • PPWR implementation
    • COSPATOX (Cross-industry guideline for recycled plastic materials)

  6. 30 mins Q&A - Interact live with the expert for all your technical help!

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