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Polyacetal: Detailed Information on POM and Its Features

Typical Applications of Acetal Resins

POM resins are widely used in the production of precision parts. These applications demand good dimensional stability and sliding properties. Let us unleash some of the important uses of POM below.


Key Applications

Automotive - Modern Fuel Systems

Only a few polymers can withstand permanent contact with the diverse and increasingly aggressive automotive fuels used today and the increasing temperatures encountered in engine compartments. That is why acetal copolymer (POM) is the preferred material for modern fuel systems.

Typical POM applications in fuel systems are extremely versatile. They include components in fuel caps, fuel filler necks, fuel sender units (e.g. flanges or swirl pot), lifetime filter, valves, fuel pumps, and fuel rails, among many others.

Fuel rails using POM
Fuel Rails
Fuel supply unit using POM
Fuel Supply Unit
Vapor control valves using POM
Vapor Control Valves

Not only do these products have excellent long-term resistance to gasoline, diesel and methanol or ethanol-based fuels, they are also able to withstand temperatures of more than 100°C (212° F).

Automotive - Interior Appearance

To meet the current trends in automotive interiors for soft, warm finishes, polyoxymethylene offers a molded-in low-gloss effect for automotive interior parts. Also, it provides a system cost benefit when compared to painted components, such as painted PC-ABS. Other benefits include:

  • Durable low-gloss surface
  • Resistant to cleaning solutions
  • Excellent dimensional stability
  • Provides design flexibility

Potential applications within automotive interiors requiring LOW GLOSS include:

Seatbelt adjusters using POM
Seatbelt Adjuster
Fuel Door Release Lever using POM
Seatbelt Adjuster
Speaker Grille using POM
Speaker Grille
Car Lock - Automotive interiors using POM
Car Lock
Automobile HVAC Control Panel Knobs using POM
HVAC Control Panel Knobs
Automotive interior clips using POM
Automotive Clip

POM for Low VOC Performance

The issue of in-vehicle air quality is becoming increasingly important in the automotive industry due to its direct impact on passenger safety and comfort. The reduction of VOCs significantly contributes to an improvement of the cabin air quality. Thus, both POM material suppliers and part manufacturers are keeping it in the mind while developing vehicle components and contributing to a better air quality in vehicles closed environment.

Few examples showcasing the development of POM engineering plastics meeting the growing trend include:

  1. Delrin® 300TE acetal resin by DuPont – DuPont has developed an impact-modified, low-emission grade suitable for use in automotive interiors. According to the company, tests of samples of Delrin® 300TE revealed formaldehyde emissions of 1.0 mg/m² and lower.

  2. DURACON® acetal grades by Polyplastics – Polyplastics has designed low-VOC polyoxymethylene (POM) resin grades utilizing utilizes a technology which reduces the quantity of residual formaldehyde within resin pellets through the use of optimal stabilizers and scavengers. The range includes weather-resistant DURACON® M90-45LV, high-sliding DURACON® NW-02LV resin, a glass-reinforced grade DURACON® GH-25LV and many more.

  3. Tenac™ -C Z4520 POM Copolymer by Asahi Kasei – This POM grade has been certified as an eco-friendly green material by the China Automotive Technology & Research Center (CATARC) for its low VOC emission performance.

Medical and Healthcare

Materials of construction play a central role in the design of new equipment. As the patient community demands increased safety and accuracy from providers, these dictates are ultimately met through high-performance materials.

Dry powder inhaler - Health care applications using POM
Dry Powder Inhaler
Insulin syringe - Health care applications using POM
Insulin Syringe
Electrical toothbrush - Health care applications using POM
Electrical Tooth Brush

Using POM in medical technology can help reduce total manufacturing cost, through consolidation of multiple parts into a single unit and by implementation of automated assembly processes. POM addresses the challenges of mission-critical components and offers an array of leading edge materials that are excellent candidates for medical applications.

Acetal copolymers, are easily-processed, highly-crystalline plastics delivering high strength, stiffness, toughness and lubricity over a broad range of temperatures and chemical environment. These polymers offer low extractable and high purity and are FDA Compliant and pharma-friendly – animal and latex free.

Industrial Uses

Pumping, conveying and controlling liquids are important factors in the irrigation, plumbing and process industries. For aqueous fluids, acetal copolymers have an extensive history in parts such as housings, taps and valves, and couplings.

These parts are found in many fluid handling applications including plumbing, irrigation, water softeners, beverage dispensers, water filters, shower heads, sprinklers, water meters, and pumps.

Shower head - Industrial applications using POM
Shower Head
Pipe couplings - Industrial applications using POM
Pipe Couplings
Automatic water valve - Industrial applications using POM
Automatic Water Valve

The acetal copolymer materials offer good flow and moldability, and their very low moisture absorption permits dimensional stability in contact with water.

Consumer Goods

Low fuel permeation to meet new CARB and EPA regulations on evaporative emissions. Small Off-Road Engines (SORE) and other types of gasoline-powered equipment have recently come under new regulations from the US EPA and California (CARB) to limit the amount of evaporative emissions occurring throughout the fuel system, including fuel tanks, caps and hoses.

Fuel tank - Consumer applications using POM
Fuel Tank
Lawn tractor - Consumer applications using POM
Lawn Tractor

Because of its extremely low permeability to gasoline and ethanol, along with excellent long-term chemical resistance and dimensional stability acetal copolymer has been evaluated in small off-road engine fuel tanks found in lawn & garden and other gasoline powered equipment, including recreation vehicles and marine engines, to meet recently adopted CARB and US EPA regulations.



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