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Polyamide (PA) or Nylon: Complete Guide (PA6, PA66, PA11, PA12…)

Final Markets and Applications of Polyamide/Nylon Products

Plastic parts made with polyamides find use in various industries. These include transportation, electronics & electrical, consumer goods, building & construction, and packaging. They can also be a good alternative to metal when filled with glass fibers. Explore the applications where polyamides have proven to be the material of choice.


Key Applications

Applications of PA 6 & PA 6-6

PA 6-6 is used when PA 6 reaches its temperature or hydrolytic stability limit. It provides good surface appearance and weld strength leading to burst pressure resistance. The molding cycles are quick, providing an economic interest. Polyamide 6 and Polyamide 6-6 answer the requirements of many applications.

Applications & Features Commerical Grades

PA 6 and 6-6 in automotive sector

  • Good processability leads to metal replacement
  • Design flexibility, temperature, and chemical resistance in under-the-hood parts
  • Weight savings reduce CO2 emissions
  • Stiffness and creep resistance help improve safety and comfort in cars
PA 6 Automotive Grades PA 6-6 Automotive Grades

PA 6 and 6-6 in electrical & electronics

  • Good candidates where GWIT and UL94 tests are required
  • Can be easily flame retarded
  • Available in halogenated & non-halogenated FR solutions
  • Solutions where miniaturization reinforces the need for high-temperature resistance and thin designs (due to easy processability)

PA 6 and 6-6 in consumer goods

  • Solutions for durable consumer and industrial goods
  • Easy moldability, colorability, and good surface aspect
  • Excellent mechanical resistance
  • Excellent material when complex designs are needed
  • Cost-efficient solution
PA 6 Consumer Goods Grades
PA 6-6 Consumer Goods Grades

PA 6 and 6-6 in packaging

  • Ideal candidate for mono or multi-layer food packaging due to:
    • Very high puncture resistance
    • Barrier resistance to oxygen, carbon dioxide, and aromas
    • Transparency
  • In the medical field, PA6 is fabricated into tough, puncture-resistant packages for medical blister packs.
PA 6 Packaging Grades PA 6-6 Packaging Grades

PA 6 and 6-6 in furniture

  • Used to manufacture stadium seats due to their:
    • Brilliant surface quality
    • excellent resistance to dirt and aging
  • A great alternative to polypropylene
PA 6 Furniture Grades PA 6-6 Furniture Grades

PA 6 and 6-6 in sports and leisure

  • Used to manufacture of Ski bindings due to their:
    • Exceptional fatigue properties
    • High impact strength
    • High mechanical strength

PA 6 Sports Grades
PA 6-6 Sports Grades
Other applications of PA 6 and PA 6-6 include agricultural films, liquid packaging, and protective packaging.

Applications of PA 11/PA12

The superior properties of PA11/ Nylon 11 and PA12/Nylon 12 make them useful in applications like:

Applications & Features Commerical Grades

PA 11 and 12 in automotive sector

  • High flexibility and tensile strength

  • Used to manufacture automotive parts like:
    • Trailer brake hoses,
    • Fuel lines, etc.
PA 11 Automotive Grades PA 12 Automotive Grades

PA 11 and 12 in sports and leisure

  • Used to manufacture:
    • Bicycle derailleurs
    • Football shoe soles
  • Good grease and abrasion resistance
  • Low coefficient of friction
PA 11 Sports Grades
PA 12 Sports Grades

PA 11 and 12 in engineering and manufacturing

  • Used in the protective layer of:
    • water pipes, 
    • air, and 
    • spray-painting hoses
PA 11 Engineering Grades
PA 12 Engineering Grades

PA 11 and 12 in 3D printing 

  • Good control of particle size
  • Good thermal properties
  • Excellent processability in laser sintering machines
PA 11 3D Printing Grades
PA 12 3D Printing Grades

PA 11 and 12 in other applications

Heathcare/Medical (Catheters)
 PA 11 Healthcare/Medical Grades 
PA 12 Healthcare/Medical Grades 
Appliances (Protective coating of dishwashers)
PA 11 Appliance Grades PA 12 Appliance Grades
Electrical Markets (Coatings for termite-resistant wires)
PA 11 Electrical Grades PA 12 Electrical Grades
Household and Consumer Goods (Hammer heads), etc.
PA 11 Consumer Goods Grades PA 12 Consumer Goods Grades

Applications of Polyamide 4-6

Polyamide 4-6 (PA 4-6) is a high-temperature polyamide. It provides unmatched performances across a broad range of applications.

Applications Commerical Grades

PA 4-6 in automotive and transportation sector

  • Chain tensioners

  • Engine covers

  • Oil filter parts

  • Signaling lamp bases

  • Thrust washers

  • Gear-shift forks

  • Speedometer gear wheels

  • Fuel distributors, etc.

PA 4-6 Automotive Grades

PA 4-6 in electrical & electronics

  • Surface-mount devices

  • Connectors

  • End laminates, and

  • Brush holders in electric motors

PA 4-6 Electrical Grades
PA 4-6 Electronic Grades

PA 4-6 in appliances

  • Safety control in appliances such as:

    • Kettles

    • Ovens

PA 4-6 Appliance Grades
 Other applications of PA 4-6 include industrial goods and consumer goods.

Applications of Polyphthalamide (PPA)

PPA grades deliver cost-effective solutions when compared to PA 4-6. They can also be a good alternative to metal when filled with glass fibers.

Applications & Features Commerical Grades

PPA in automotive and transportation sector

  • Sensors and solenoids
  • Halogen lamp sockets
  • Fog lamp assemblies, motor end caps and housings
  • Fuel system components (flanges, fuel rails, fuel line connectors)
  • Anti-lock braking system components
  • Cooling and heating system components (thermostat housings, oil filter housings, turbo charger air coolers)
  • Used in high-temperature applications such as
    • Lamp sockets
    • Electronics connectors
    • High-temperature switches, and sensors
PPA Automotive Grades
PPA Transportation Grades

PPA in electrical & electronics

  • LEDs and other optoelectronic devices
  • SMT electronic components
  • Capacitor and chip carriers
  • Heat sinks and switches
  • Surface mount compatible resin
  • Outstanding strength
  • Injection molded with fast cycle times
  • Excellent fit for cellular phone connectors
  • Fully automated wafer loading systems use cassettes molded from PPA resin transport silicon wafers into process equipment where heat and chemical resistance are required.
PPA Electrical Grades
PPA Electronic Grades
Other markets of PPA resin include optics (optical fiber components), hardware and plumbing, sporting goods, oil field parts, and military applications.



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