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A Complete Guide to Polycarbonate (PC)

Uses and Applications of Polycarbonate

The characteristics of PC provide design freedom to product designers, engineers, and OEMs. This makes it an ideal material for several applications. It covers a wide range of industries, from consumer goods to the medical industry, and the list goes on. Let us discuss the industrial uses of polycarbonate in detail.


Key Applications

Appliances - Polycarbonates and their blends are used in appliances, such as refrigerators, air conditioners, coffee machines, food mixers, washing machines, hair dryers steam iron water tanks etc. The use of PC allows shape freedom through its wide range of mechanical properties and enhances robustness and visual appeal of a product.

Automotive/Transportation - Being lightweight and transparent, PC is used to create an eye-catching design and enhance vehicle efficiency by reducing weight without affecting durability and improving aerodynamics of a vehicle. Its high heat resistance allows its use in light housing, headlamp bezel and lenses. PC blends are best suitable for a car’s interior and exterior body parts for having rigidity and excellent creep resistance. View polycarbonate grades used in the automotive industry »

Building & Construction - PC is known as a suitable alternative to glass in various glazing applications, such as agricultural houses, industry or public building, facades, security windows, shelters and skylights for having properties of high impact strength, transparency, resistance to UV light and weatherability. Check out PC grades used in building & construction industry »

Consumer Products - PC has low birefringence, internal stress and high dimensional accuracy making it suitable for the manufacturing CDs/DVDs. Also, its high transparency allows to design innovative products for everyday use, such as safety goggles, ophthalmic lenses, large-volume water bottles etc. Additionally, it is optically clear making it ideal for objects, including shatterproof sunglasses, face shields, protective glasses or even as a component in bullet-proof windows.

Medical - Polycarbonates are majorly used in medical applications for owning excellent combination of properties, such as clarity, heat resistance, dimensional stability and toughness. PC can be sterilized by ethylene oxide, high energy radiation and limited autoclave cycles. Typical medical applications include surgical instruments, drug delivery systems, hemodialysis membranes, blood reservoirs, blood filters etc., where polycarbonates have been able to replace glass and metal.

Food Contact - Because of its heat resistance and shatter resistance, polycarbonate is used in applications for direct contact with foods and beverages. Food storage containers made from PC are reusable, help to preserve freshness, protect foods from contamination and can be conveniently used in a refrigerator or microwave.

Other Applications - Telecom -Mobile phone housings, pager parts; Urban equipment - Street lamp covers, anti- vandal glazing, food processors; Sports - Ski clamp parts, helmets, protective eye visors to protect children and athletes from injuries

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