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Key Areas of Applications of PVC Resin

PVC is one of the most important thermoplastics in the world today. It is available in many forms. Rigid PVC (unplasticized) is one of the most widely used plastic materials. PVC finds use in construction, domestic, packaging, automotive, medical, toys, clothing, wires, and cables.


Key Applications

Application Rigid PVC Flexible PVC
Construction Window Frames, Pipes, House Siding, Ports, Roofing Waterproof Membranes, Cable Insulations, Roof Lining, Greenhouses
Domestic Curtain Rails, Drawer Sides, Laminates, Audio and Videotape Cases, Records Flooring, Wall Coverings, Shower Curtains, Leather Cloth, Hosepipes
Packaging Bottles, Blister Packs, Transparent Packs and Punnets Cling Film
Transport Car Seat Backs Under Seal, Roof Linings, Leather Cloth Upholstery, Wiring Insulation, Window Seals, Decorative Trim
Medical - Oxygen Tents, Bags And Tubing For Blood Transfusions, Drips and Dialysis Liquids
Clothing Safety Equipment Waterproofs for Fishermen and Emergency Services, Life-Jackets, Shoes, Wellington Boots, Aprons and Baby Pants
Electrical Insulation pipes, Jacketing, Electricity Distribution Boxes, Switches, Transparent Distributor Box Housings, Plug Housings & Battery Terminals Cable & Wire insulation, plugs, cable jackets, sockets, Sable Heads and Distributors
Others Floppy-Disk Covers, Credit Cards, Traffic Signs Conveyor Belts, Inflatables, Sports Goods, Toys, Garden Hoses



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2 Comments on "Comprehensive Guide on Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC)"
Warren G Dec 19, 2022
Does anyone know where I can find mass polymerized PVC resin?
Nanda Kumar N Dec 23, 2021
Excellent review on rigid and plasticzed PVC.

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