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Carbon Nanotubes to be Replaced by MoSIx Nanowires in High-tech Devices says New Study

SpecialChem / Dec 12, 2007

Carbon nanotubes have long been touted as the wonder material of the future. Applications cited for carbon nanotubes range from super fast computers and ultra small electronics through to materials that are lightweight yet super strong and tougher than diamond. Several techniques have been devised for producing carbon nanotubes but, getting these materials and devices from the laboratory to the marketplace is obstructed by one inherent problem. Scaling up laboratory production techniques to produce commercial quantities of high quality, high purity carbon nanotubes is a difficult process. This promising new material is molybdenum-sulfur-iodine nanowires. Researchers from Jozef Stefan Institute have investigated the atomic and electronic structure of molybdenum-sulfur-iodine molecular nanowires as well as their basic transport, optical and mechanical properties. The research has now been published in a special edition of the open access journal, AZoJono and can be accessed in its entirety at Structural and Physical Properties of Mo6SxI9-x Molecular Nanowires.

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