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Mobility is a highly demanding industry,  as it concerns a big proportion of people in the world and it is continuously evolving. New mobility challenges result not only from population increases...

Mar 13, 2018 | Article

How this Japanese Company Answers the Industries’ Needs Thanks to Innovative Advanced Materials

By SpecialChem

Read the latest interview with Masahiko Yokokita, New Business Development Manager at UBE Exsymo sgaring company's latest focus is the mobility industry and how UBE Exsymo’s technology can...

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Because safety and prevention are at the heart of medical applications, especially when in contact with the human body, the industry continues to move toward disposable products to avoid any...

Mar 12, 2018 | Article

Continuous Use Temperature of Plastics - Determination and Importance

By Mark DeMeuse

As new and challenging applications are being developed for polymers and plastics, a parameter that helps define the temperature limit for use of that polymer is required. The continuous use...

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Learn in this one-pager the core features of Flexible Acrylic Resin. This acrylic resin is defined as flexible thanks to its unique chemical structure of a crosslinked rubber core (delivering low...

Feb 15, 2018 | Article

Recent Advances in Piezoelectric Films and Sensors

By Mark DeMeuse

Piezoelectricity is the appearance of a voltage across the sides of a crystal when it is subjected to mechanical stress or squeezing. A piezoelectric sensor is a device that uses the piezoelectric...

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Feb 9, 2018 | Article

Extrusion of Plastic Foams - Fundamentals & Introduction

By Ana Espert

Achieve desired foam characteristics in your plastic foam. Learn the technologies for extrusion of plastic foams driving applications in various sectors along with their key features and market...

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For oil & mining pipes, it is critical to benefit from an inner cast that can resist to very harsh environments such as intense abrasion and extreme weather. Superior durable inner casts are a...

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Waterproofing membranes that can resist to harsh environmental conditions is a key benefit. Waterproofing membranes based on Polyurethane (PU) offers outstanding advantages. It can resist to harsh...

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How to manufacture goods with high clarity features? And even more challenging, how to keep the initial transparency and the global durability over time when the material is exposed to extreme...
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