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Competitive Advantages for Pipes and Profiles Manufacturers Through Static Mixers

SpecialChem / Jan 12, 2009

Higher flow rates, increased productivity with the same quality - these are the decisive competitive factors in the manufacture of pipes and profiles. Plasticizing as a core component in plastic processing processes has a limited capacity for the treatment of material and thermally homogenous melts. These limits can be overcome with static mixers. The economic pressure on processors in the plastics industry is continually increasing. Ever higher throughputs have to be achieved in order to increase productivity, thereby increasing economy. In its turn, this places high demands on the production process: With increasing throughput, the residence time usually decreases, and with it the quality of the melt. This then leads to problems with product quality. Wave formations at the nozzle outlet or warpage through uneven temperature distribution are the results. A further possibility is the use of longer processing units up to 36D, which lead to better surface results, but these units take up more space and are more expensive to procure.

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