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How DAIKIN Plans to Drive the Use of FEP in Emerging Wire and Cable Markets

SpecialChem – May 31, 2018

With the increasing use of data, demand for higher performance wire and cable products is exploding. Building codes in the US and Canada have driven the use of FEP as the primary dielectric insulation in commercial network cable applications due to its low dielectric constant and ability to pass strict flammability requirements.

FEP is not new, but as a leading manufacturer, Daikin provides strong technical support and product innovation to its customers. As data speeds continue to increase, the need for a high performance insulation, such as FEP will grow even in Europe where fire codes do not require it.

As a global leader in FEP production and sales, Daikin is able to quickly learn about emerging product needs from the market and responds quickly and accurately with new grades and processing technologies.

Today, we have the chance to discuss with Dan Kennefick (Wire and Cable Market Segment Leader at DAIKIN America) how the use of FEP can be an innovative solution for new applications such as high speed interconnects cables for data centers and single pair Ethernet cables for automotive.

 » Read on this exclusive interview and learn how DAIKIN relies on its wire & cable experience to deliver high quality new products!

1 Comments on "How DAIKIN Plans to Drive the Use of FEP in Emerging Wire and Cable Markets"
baya A Aug 28, 2018
Bonjour Merci pour votre découverte,nous sommes une entreprise algéro libanaise de production de câbles de télécommunication a base de cuivre et fibre optique. Nous utilisons comme tous les câbliers du PE et PVC,le FEP est il conseillé dans notre cas surtout que nous passons a l'environnement et la sécurité (des câbles et des personnes ). J'espère ne pas être hors sujet ,je vous remercie et attend vos nouvelles découvertes Cordialement

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