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Effect of Gamma Sterilization on Select TPE Materials

SpecialChem / Mar 19, 2008

Advancements in TPE technology, particularly in the development of bondable grades, along with the improvements made in multi-shot processing techniques, have expanded the role and use of TPE materials in medical devices. Benefits such as improved ergonomics, part consolidation, and reductions in secondary operations are driving product designers to incorporate TPEs into every conceivable human touch zone. Advanced processing techniques have made overmolded grips, co-extrusions, impact protection covers, and molded-in gaskets and seals costeffective options when designing and producing medical devices such as surgical tools, catheters, environmental seals, blood vial caps, septums, syringe components and tubing. Replacement of thermoset rubber continues as the performance capabilities of TPEs expands and meets or exceeds rubber performance. Material advancements coupled with the efficiency offered by TPE processing have made innovative designs, part consolidation, and reduced assembly steps a reality for designers and processors.

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