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Electricity and Electronics like polymers III – Electric equipment

SpecialChem / Oct 20, 2004

Wires and cables just carry the electric current and electric network needs a multitude of electric equipments including: * Connectors, switches… * Electric power equipment, * Motors and controls, * Measuring and control equipment, * Lighting and wiring equipment, * Current-carrying equipment, * Non-current-carrying wire devices, * Pole line hardware. This is an important market needing a subtle balance of electrical and mechanical properties, durability, cost and eventually aesthetics. This broad field creates a harsh competition between engineering thermoplastics and SMC/BMC for the main applications but also polypropylene and polyethylene or PVC for the less performing parts and on the opposite high-tech plastics such as polyetherketone, polyetherimide, liquid crystal polymers…For example: * Polycarbonates and polyphenylene ethers are used when chemical resistance is not necessary. * Polyamide is commonly used but its applications are limited by sensitivity to moisture.

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