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Electronics like polymers IV – Electronic equipment: Leadframes, laminates, and encapsulants

SpecialChem / Dec 15, 2004

Semiconductors are the heart of modern electronic devices. They are commonly based on silicon but peripheral components, essential for their operation, use polymers, notably engineering, or high-tech ones, often in special versions. Plastics and other polymers are used to ensure: * Structural cohesion, * Connections, * Conservation, of the basic electronic components. The market for semiconductor packaging materials (see Table1 and Figure 1) is roughly estimated at $8-9 billion. Plastics and other polymers have varying degrees of involvement in the various segments of this market. According to the applications, the consumption of polymers is very erratic and is mainly predominant in the first three segments. Starting from the silicon die, there are several specific devices and processing methods. Some of them are listed below without claiming to be exhaustive. A die, a small piece of silicon wafer, is the basic component of electronic devices. It is bounded to the complete device being manufactured.

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