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Electronics like polymers V – Special adhesives for electronics

SpecialChem / Dec 29, 2004

Specific adhesives for electronics are hidden and often ignored by the average man but they are omnipresent in modern mass production or high-tech electronic devices. Their versatility can lead to all the combinations of electrically and thermally properties allowing, for example the replacement of metal solders or the improvement of heat transfers in miniaturized electronic devices. The broad range of applications concerns for example, without claiming to be exhaustive: * Cell-phones, hand-held computers, TV games, video consoles, etc. * Digital household appliances, * Office automation machines, * Testing, inspecting instruments, etc. Polymer adhesives are broadly used in electronics because of their ease of processing, versatility, and final economical advantages. In addition to the basic functionalities, adhesion or sealing between various devices, the adhesives for electronics must be, according to the cases: * Electrically conductive to replace metal solders. * Thermally conductive to evacuate the heat built up by modern miniaturized electronic devices.

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