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Higher Clarity Multifaceted Polypropylenes

SpecialChem / Jul 18, 2007

Basell, the world's largest producer of polypropylene (PP) and advanced polyolefins continually develops higher clarity polypropylene product families. These include: * OxyPolyproplenes-A family of polar functionalized polypropylene products made using proprietary radiation technology. These Oxy-PP grades allow various oxygenated components (like alcohol or carboxylic-acid groups) to be introduced into the polymer chain, creating polypropylenes that act as if they have a low molecular weight, providing improved dispersion and distribution mixing, good color opacity, and enhanced wet-out on organic and inorganic surfaces. Oxypolypropylene is used as a dispersant for nonhalogenated FR additives and as a component in engineering thermoplastic blends for better strength, melt flow rate, and coloring. This additive is compatible with PC, polyesters, and other engineering thermoplastics. Metocene Polypropylenes-Basell developed metallocene based polypropylenes for packaging that offer improved clarity, high impact performance, and improved cost-efficiency and lower extractable levels.

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