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Plastics Make New Inroads in Medical Field

SpecialChem / SpecialChem – Apr 6, 2005

Plastics in Medical Plastics play a prominent and growing role in the medical device and packaging industries. One asset of plastics in medicine is their relatively low cost compared to competing glass and metal materials.

As a result, products made from the lower-cost plastics can often be disposed and therefore need not be sterilized for re-use. Plastics can be molded into useful configurations that would be difficult or impossible to duplicate in glass and metals. They also do not shatter like glass, yet are strong and flexible.

There are some resins which are widely used in medical plastics, especially where high performance is required. Also, blends of different resins are used in order to enhance the property envelope.

Read on to know more about characteristics and properties of widely used resins and blends that make them valuable to be used for medical purposes…

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