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Remotely Generated Plasma Technology for Thin Film Deposition/Sputtering Applications

SpecialChem / Sep 18, 2008

HiTUS, a cutting edge plasma thin film deposition is a major evolution from the traditional magnetron technology widely used in industrial and research circles. The essential factor of this leading edge thin film deposition coating technology is a remotely generated high intensity plasma that gives a number of important benefits that are unavailable from magnetron, ion beam, thermal evaporation and chemical vapour deposition coating systems. The HiTUS process delivers very high quality thin film materials with near ideal physical properties, very low stress and excellent adhesion - whether on metal, glass or plastic substrates. In HiTus technology, the plasma is generated outside the main chamber, in an adjoining chamber. It is possibe to generate a stable plasma with a density reaching 5 x 10 13 ions/cm3. Argon ions, generated in the sidearm are extracted by a combination of electron density diffusion and ambipolar diffusion, are introduced into the main chamber (see figure no. 1).

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