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Soft Touch Styrene Block Copolymers (SBCs)

SpecialChem / Feb 2, 2007

Kraton Polymers, a leading manufacturer and supplier of styrenic block copolymers (SBCs) has introduced Kraton A polymers, an innovative new styrene-ethylene-butadiene-styrene (SEBS) elastomer family. The new series has a distinctive molecular structure that can be precisely controlled and tailored to perform in specific applications, giving this product family extraordinary versatility. Kraton A draws on a new chemistry that intermingles a specially controlled distribution of styrene with the ethylene-butadiene mid-block of SEBS without loss of critical elastomeric properties. Relative to conventional SEBS, the new resins offer higher stiffness, and improved processability. They also shrink more isotropically (MD vs. TD), and adhere more strongly when overmolded onto many engineering thermoplastics. The New Kraton A resins are designed in part as a viable alternative to PVC as well as deliver added benefits. Along with formulation flexibility and ease of processing, the new resins also have good dielectric properties and are reprocessible.

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