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What’s New in Metal to Plastic Industrial Appliance Trends

SpecialChem / Sep 21, 2009

While airlines have been relentlessly removing nonessential aircraft weight to save on fuel or increase passenger payload, the all-aluminum metal appliance catering trolleys used to carry meals, beverages and snacks for in flight passenger service have remained the same. That is about to change with the introduction of an almost entirely plastic catering trolley design that boasts a 25% (37 lb versus 46 lb) weight reduction over conventional aluminum trolleys. The 11 injection molded and three extruded polyphenylsulfone (PPSU) parts meet FAA flame, smoke, and toxicity requirements, resist aggressive cleaning agents and provide better insulation than their aluminum predecessors. Additionally the lighter design saves on jet fuel, and plastic insulating properties let catering companies use less dry ice to keep drinks cold. It is estimated that these factors could amount to a 310,000-ton CO2 reduction per year if 10% of the appliance trolleys in service are replaced. That reduction is equivalent to the CO2 emitted to provide the electricity for lighting 1.7 million homes.

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