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Single-use Medical Syringes benefit from Crystal-Clear Clarity and Crack Resistance of CET® SMMA

Case Study

Because safety and prevention are at the heart of medical applications, especially when in contact with the human body, the industry continues to move toward disposable products to avoid any contamination. These safe disposal products include single-use medical syringes. 

Manufactures of single-use medical syringes need tough polymers that can withstand high temperatures, sterilization, gamma radiation. They also value a material that offers excellent clarity for aesthetic appeal and that can be dropped with no concern of breakage. The right material solution also needs to be available at a reasonable cost that is acceptable for a disposable part. Currently, transparent materials like PMMA, SAN or PC cannot provide this combination of benefits at a reasonable cost.

Dowload this case study to learn more about a solution that is an ideal combination between processing ease, typical to styrene polymers, and the crystal clarity of straight acrylic!

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