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New halogen/red phosphorous-free PA66 FR with superb laser printability for high performance applications

Asahi Kasei
This is a Past Webinar

The PA66 global flame retardants market is witnessing a growing trend of moving towards halogen and red phosphorous – free products, due to their environmental and health implications. Since flame retardants cover a wide range of applications, halogen and red phosphorous – free products are becoming key to create value while staying compliant to the new regulations.

To support formulators and manufacturers at global level to address the ongoing changing circumstances, Asahi Kasei has developed LEONA™ SN Series. The new, innovative PA66 FR product is free of halogen and red phosphorous. It shows excellent mechanical proprieties, superb laser printability and laser transparency, high retention rate of physical properties after water absorbed condition, and more.

By attending this webinar, you will learn how the use of LEONA™ SN Series can lead to improved printability through clearer laser marking on gloss surfaces, and because of less mold deposit, how the physical characteristics of LEONA™ can reduce the frequency of production equipment maintenance and replacement.

Join us to discover the potential of LEONA™ SN Series with evidence – based examples of its performance.

Takayuti Presented By:
M.S. Takayuki Wakita
M.S. Kenta Hiwatashi

Length: 20 min

Why should you view this webinar?

Learn more about:
  • Key performance of new halogen/red phosphorous - free PA66 FR solution with evidence – based examples
  • How to improve laser printability
  • Challenges of PA66 FR market
  • Comparative data of new solution vs standard solutions

Who should view this webinar?

  • E&E industry professionals
  • Technical and marketing professionals from the mobility industry
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M.S. Takayuki Wakita Technical Development Engineer, PA66 “LEONA S series” development - Asahi Kasei Corporation

Takayuti In his 8 years' experience of innovating for Asahi Kasei, M.S. Wakita has engaged in developing applications for LEONA S series and providing technical services for LEONA applications to customers. By implementing an aromatic - PA innovation process, he succeeded to create the key characteristics of S series technology: high strength and good appearance, which became fundamental in automotive interior applications.

M.S. Kenta Hiwatashi Technical Development Engineer, PA66 Flame Retardant Compounds - Asahi Kasei Corporation

Kenta Hiwatashi M.S. Hiwatashi’s professional background includes 5 years of experience for PPS in another organization and 3 years for Styrac development, ABS, in Asahi Kasei Corporation. He has developed new PPS compound formulations, which are used for improvement tracking resistance. M.S. Hiwatashi also published a thesis on measurement of gas-vent closed rate by gas-vent performance evaluation mold.

Currently, he is performing the structure analysis of clear laser marking mechanism on Leona.

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