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Maximizing Moisture Resistance in Structural Epoxy and Polyurethane Adhesives

This is a Past Course

Recorded on Nov 10, 2015

Maximize moisture resistance of your structural epoxy and polyurethane adhesives by reviewing best strategies that will impact moisture resistance without lowering other properties.

Edward Petrie will discuss mechanisms by which moisture affects structural adhesives and share new raw materials to reach optimal resistance (base polymers, curing agents, additives, modifiers).

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Edward Petrie Presented By:
Edward M. Petrie
Length: 90 min

Course Type: Formulation
Level: Intermediate

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Why should you view this course?

When trying to maximize moisture resistance in their structural epoxy and polyurethane adhesives, formulators often rely on trial-and-error, or on old materials they are used to work with. They either waste their time or choose an outdated solution which will not give the best result! Let us guide you to updated strategies:

  1. Review processes by which moisture affects structural adhesives and new raw materials that maximize moisture resistance without affecting other desirable application and service-life properties
  2. Stay in the game by learning strategies that have had the greatest success in applications where moisture is a factor (transportation, wind turbine blades, marine and civil engineering...)
  3. Get advice on your own technical challenges by interacting live with our expert Edward Petrie ( >35 year experience)

Who should view this course?

Epoxy and Polyurethane Adhesive Formulators and End-Users

Course Outline

  1. Introduction (State of the Industry, new applications requiring moisture resistance, etc.)

  2. Mechanisms of Moisture Degradation in Epoxy and Phenolic Structural Adhesives

  3. Effect of the Base Polymer (Epoxy and Phenolic)

  4. Effect of Additives

  5. Effect of Processing and Service Environments

  6. Basic Test Methods and Standards for Moisture Resistance

  7. Review of Recent Development Activities

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