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Polyamide 6/ PA6/ Nylon 6

This technology brief features key facts of Polyamide 6, also known as PA6, Nylon 6. It is one of the most extensively used polyamide globally. This brief will apprise you with PA6 strengths,limitations, processing guidelines, properties and applications.

Polyamide 6/PA6/ Nylon 6

  • Polyamide 6/ PA6 is also known as Nylon 6.
  • It is one of the most extensively used polyamide globally.
  • When compared to PA66, Polyamide 6/ PA6 is cost effective and has a lower resistance to temperature.
  • PA6 shows good chemical, impact and abrasion resistance.
  • PA6/ Nylon 6 is widely used in varied markets and applications due to its excellent performance / cost ratio.
  • It offers a broad processing window. Polyamide 6 can be engineered in accordance with the desired end product.
  • PA6 applications include manufacturing parts for transportation, electronics & electrical, consumer goods, building & construction and packaging industries.

PA6 Structure
Fig.1 PA6/ Polyamide 6 Structure

PA6/ Polyamide 6 Strengths and Limitations

  Strengths and Limitations

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