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Polyamide 66 (PA66) Techno Brief

This technology brief features Polyamide 66/PA66/Nylon 66. It includes their strengths and limitations, properties ranging from chemical to physical to mechanical amongst several others. It would also acquaint you with PA66 processing guidelines and applications in diverse markets.

Polyamide 66/PA66/Nylon 66

  • Polyamide 66/PA66/Nylon 66 is one of the most popular engineering thermoplastics.
  • It is extensively used in every market that manufactures thermoplastic materials.
  • PA66/Nylon66 is majorly used as a replacement to metal in various applications.
  • Polyamide 66/PA66/Nylon 66 exhibits high strength, ductility and excellent heat resistance.
  • Nylon 66 offers a very wide process window.
  • These properties allow for its usage in applications varying from thin walled components to large thick walled housings.

PA66 Structure
Fig.1 Polyamide 66 Structure

Polyamide 66/PA66/Nylon 66 Strengths & Limitations

  Strengths & Limitations

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