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Shelfplus® O2: Oxygen Scavenger masterbatch - trends in food and cosmetic packaging

This is a Past Webinar

In food products oxidation causes degradation of organoleptic properties and taste profiles, whilst in cosmetic products active ingredients such as vitamins can lose their nutritional properties.

Oxygen scavengers are used to extend product shelf life and to reduce the use of preservatives in foodstuff and cosmetics. Shelfplus® O2 is an iron based oxygen scavenger masterbatch that can directly be integrated into the packaging. Various carrier materials from polyolefins to styrenics, nylons and EVAs are available.

Latest developments in mainly flexible applications will be presented.

Benjamin Bourbon Presented By:
Benjamin Bourbon
Roland M. Schultz

Length: 38 min

Why should you view this webinar?

The webinar will give you an outlook on the oxygen scavenger market today and in future.

  • You will learn about rigid packaging applications where Shelfplus® O2 is added to limit the effect of the EVOH “retort shock”.
  • The newest flexible packaging applications for Shelfplus® O2 in lid-film, stand-up-pouch and bag in box will be presented.
  • Recycling and sustainability will be another interesting topic with regards to oxygen scavengers.

Who should view this webinar?

People from the food, cosmetic or packaging industry in research and development, new product and packaging design as well as in marketing roles interested in:

  • Multilayer packaging
  • Laminating barrier films
  • Active packaging
  • Shelf life
  • Food waste prevention

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Benjamin Bourbon Business Development Manager - Albis Plastic

Benjamin Bourbon Benjamin Bourbon has a master degree in packaging science from the Reims ESIEC University (2006).
Since June 2014, Benjamin is working as Business Development Manager at Albis Plastic (worldwide active polymer distributor and compounder).
His special know-how and activity is in active packaging and oxygen scavengers as well as filling, conditioning and preservation of foodstuff.
Prior to that, he was working as Technical Assistance Manager at RPC Barrier Containers France responsible for rigid multilayer hot-fill or sterilized packaging as bottles, trays and cups.

Roland M. Schultz Global Director Marketing Packaging - Albis Plastic

Roland M. Schultz Roland M. Schultz is Global Director Marketing Packaging at Albis Plastic, Hamburg since October 2012. In this role Roland develops the market for masterbatches used for active packaging as oxygen scavengers.
Previously, he held the position of Business Unit Manager Barrier products at RPC Barrier Containers subsidiary of RPC Group. His responsibilities included the rigid multilayer oxygen barrier packaging for long shelf life foods.
Prior to that, Roland worked as Sales Manager at Cabot Plastics, Ampacet and Total Fina. He has over 25 years of experience in the plastic polymer market.


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