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Sustainable automotive lightweighting without compromise on performance

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Manufacturers in the automotive and other industries seek lightweight materials to help them meet tough new regulations on CO2 emissions and their own goals for sustainability. Introduced this month, reSound NF™ natural fiber reinforced solutions can help your company easily transition to a lower-density material that provides a high level of mechanical performance required for challenging applications.

These new advanced polymer solutions are a highly engineered, strong and sustainable alternative to glass fiber reinforced formulations, with densities 5-10% less dense than comparable glass fiber formulations.

The superior thermo-mechanical properties of reSound NF solutions are a result of the novel process used to manufacture them. Customers can process these specialty polymers on standard machinery and tooling, at low injection molding temperatures.

Marc Mezailles Presented By:
Marc Mezailles

Length: 60 min

Why should you view this webinar?

Invest 45 minutes in this webinar to learn how a new family of natural fiber reinforced specialty polymers can help your company meets its goals for lightweighting, performance and sustainability.

The combination of superior performance and low density makes reSound NF solutions an excellent choice for technical applications in many industries. In automotive, PolyOne has identified more than 15 potential applications in passenger vehicles for these formulations.

This new solution offers performance comparable to that of glass fiber reinforced compounds, but with a 5-10% lower density and more favorable LCA (Life Cycle Analysis). Compared to other natural fiber reinforced solutions, reSound NF offers significant mechanical property improvements in tensile and flexural properties, heat deflection temperature, and impact strength.

Who should view this webinar?

  • Automotive engineers
  • Automotive designers
  • Suppliers to automotive OEMs
  • Manufacturers in any industry seeking lower height and high performance

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Marc Mezailles Global automotive industry manager - PolyOne Corporation

Marc Mezailles Marc Mézailles is global automotive industry manager in PolyOne’s Engineered Material Solutions business unit. Marc has a Masters degree in mechanical engineering from INSA de Lyon and a degree in business administration from EM Lyon Business School. He has worked with automotive thermoplastics since 1998, first at Rhodia EP/Solvay EP and then GE Plastics/Sabic IP before joining PolyOne in 2011.


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