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Plastics & Elastomers
The material selection platform
Plastics & Elastomers
Transparent plastics have multiple uses across the industry. They can be the replacement for heavy glass when clarity of vision is required.

Transparent polymers and final plastic products are in demand for various applications from packaging to medical equipment. The ease of handling, glaze-free look and superior properties of plastics have been proven in challenging conditions.

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Oct 22, 2020 | Industry News

Henkel & Carbon Partner to Provide Clear 3DP Resins for High-quality Manufacturing

Henkel and Carbon have announced a partnership agreement to collaborate for Loctite branded formulations validated for use with Carbon’s additive manufacturing process. As part of the collaboration...

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Oct 15, 2020 | Industry News

New Organic Tea Capsules Made from SABIC’s Circular Polypropylene Portfolio

Avoury® is working with SABIC’s TRUCIRCLE™ portfolio of solutions and services to create its pioneering new premium organic tea capsules, made from certified circular polypropylene (PP) that uses...

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Oct 14, 2020 | Industry News

New Tunable Transparent Polymer Material for Next Gen. Combat Vehicles

Army scientists are researching polymer networks for vehicle armor to support the next generation combat vehicle. This futuristic Army vehicle is one of the service’s modernization priorities...

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Oct 6, 2020 | Industry News

Altuglas International Introduces Transparent & Flexible Acrylic Sheet for Glazings

Altuglas International has invented a flexible acrylic sheet, ShieldUp® Flex which gives designers greater freedom to shape 2D pieces and simplifies the manufacturing processes. A major innovation...

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Sep 15, 2020 | Product News

Liqcreate Launches 3D Printing Resins for High-quality Functional Parts

Liqcreate announces the release of two new resins: Premium Flex and Premium Tough. Two functional materials specially developed for MSLA/LCD 3D-printing. The release of these materials is part of...

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Aug 5, 2020 | Industry News

New Way to Process Transparent Sulfur-containing Polymer Film for Optical Devices

A research team at KAIST’s Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering has developed a novel technology enhancing the high transparency of refractive polymer film via a one-step vapor...

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Jul 20, 2020 | Industry News

Conventus to Distribute EMS-GRIVORY's Transparent Polyamides for Metal Replacement

Conventus Polymers has been named an authorized distributor of EMS-GRIVORY's extensive line of specialty nylons in the U.S. and Canada. The agreement covers a broad range of specialty nylon...

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Jul 10, 2020 | Industry News

New Way to Improve Plastics' Conductivity and Transparency for Better Electronics

Researchers at the University of Michigan have made plastic conductive while also making it more transparent to improve large touchscreens, LED light panels and window-mounted infrared solar cells...

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Jun 26, 2020 | Article

The Future of Displays is Smart and Flexible...

By SpecialChem

Flexible & Smart Displays - Find out what are the ongoing trends and application requirements in automotive & electronics and how innovation in polymers are fulfilling the demand...

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Jun 11, 2020 | Industry News

New Way to Process Graphene Sheets for Transparent Solar Cells and Other Applications

MIT researcher’s new manufacturing process of making large sheets of high-quality, atomically thin graphene could lead to ultra-lightweight, flexible solar cells, and to new classes of...

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