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Formulating Natural Sun Care Products

This is a Past Course

Recorded on Mar 28, 2019

Overcome the challenges related to your natural sun care formulations by reviewing all the important factors to consider (ingredients you can use, certifications...)

Julian Hewitt will discuss where to start from and help you optimize in practice your formulations to get appealing natural sun care products.

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Julian Hewitt Presented By:
Julian Hewitt
Length: 90 min

Course Type: Formulation
Level: Beginner

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Why should you view this course?

Lack of truly "natural" sunscreen actives (i.e. UV filters) means that you need to rely only on naturally sourced inorganic sunscreens. Good news – COSMOS approves most of the inorganic sunscreen materials. Bad news – new set of challenges like limited choice within other ingredients, compatibility issues.... Learn the tricks of the trade from Julian Hewitt to:

  1. Identify the right ingredients (UV filters, emulsifiers, emollients, water-resistant agents...) that are suitable for your natural formulations

  2. Formulate natural sun care products with appealing organoleptic properties with expert tips

  3. Know the differences between different certification guidelines (ECOCERT, COSMOS) for natural, and how these apply to sunscreen products

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Formulating for Natural Suncare

Who should view this course?

  • Sun care formulators
  • Marketers and product/brand managers who need to add natural sun care to their range of products

Course Outline

The following sections will be covered during this session:

  1. Definitions of “natural”

  2. Ecocert and COSMOS rules and guidelines & how these apply to sunscreen products

  3. Developing a realistic brief – don’t ask your formulators to make bricks without straw!

  4. Choosing UV filters
    • Inorganics sunscreens – nano or non-nano?

  5. Choosing formula excipients
    • Emulsifiers
    • Emollients
    • Rheological additives
    • Water-resistant agents
    • Preservatives

  6. Formulation examples

  7. 30 Mins Q&A Session- Ask your questions directly from the expert !

  8. Have a query ? Email us for any help !

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Members Reviews

It gave a good general overview and the speaker is knowledgeable

Barbara O. , from Organatural Cosmetic Developments Ltd

Got more formulations tricks especially on ingredients to use

Eva B. , from HallStar Italia

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