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Replacing Solvents in Industrial Coatings with Solubility Parameters

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Wednesday Nov 6, 2019

Meet your regulatory & safety requirements faster (low toxicity, VOC, flammability...) by understanding how to replace existing solvents and select greener alternatives.

Leading expert, François Magnin will share science-based predictive tools using Hansen Solubility Parameters (HSP) for quicker solvent selection. HSP calculation methods, examples and the key factors to consider (solubility volume, solvent evaporation profile…) will be discussed in detail.

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François Magnin Presented By:
François Magnin

Length: 90 min

Course Type: Formulation
Level: Intermediate

Next Session: Nov 6, 2019
10:00 a.m. (New York City)
4:00 p.m. (Paris)

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Why should you attend?

Growing concerns (odor, toxicity...) around ecotoxicological profiles of many commonly used solvents in industrial coatings & the advent of newer resins require you to find and work with new & greener alternatives.

And, lowering system costs is an added pressure! But, switching from one solvent to another is not easy… This online course is a serious time saver for all industrial coating formulators with solvent replacement need. Opt for it today and:

  • Broaden your choice of alternative solvents based on a finer understanding of Hansen Solubility Parameters (solubility volume, solvent evaporation profile…).

  • Replace existing solvents and/or blends to align with your needs (cost considerations, new resin chemistries…) by understanding how to use pre-lab tools.

  • Solve film defects by using HSP monitoring when dealing with evaporation.

  • Meet both regulation & safety requirements (low toxicity, VOC…) with very practical tips for solvent replacement with greener alternatives.

Who should attend?

Solvent-based industrial coatings formulators involved in formulation optimization and troubleshooting must opt for this course.

Course Outline

  1. What drives need for new solvents and reformulation?
    • New formulations
    • New regulations
    • Other factors (cost, availability…)

  2. Factors affecting the choice of solvent
    • Solubility/compatibility
    • Viscosity
    • How solvents help in obtaining high-quality coating?

  3. How to find greener solvents faster with Hansen Solubility Parameters (HSP)?
    • Understanding the HSP model & its parameters (dispersion forces, polarity dipole-dipole interaction, hydrogen bonding)
    • How to use them?
    • How to measure HSP?
    • Calculation of the HSP of a blend

  4. Applying theory to practice with application examples:
    • Plasticizer for coatings
    • Nanoparticles formulations
    • Solvent Blend for 2K Epoxy
    • Replacing a Solvent

  5. How to calculate HSP of a molecule?
    • HoY & Van Krevelen method
    • Stefanis Panayiotou group contribution method
    • Y-MB method

  6. Conclusion

  7. 30 mins Q&A- Interact live/ ask questions directly from the expert !
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Members Reviews

Very good course! It explains how to use solubility parameters, and also consider the effect of evaporation rate.

Robert B. , from Americhem, Inc

This very good course gave new applications of products prepared by our company.


It helped to understand how to optimize solvent blends.

Hong X. , from Cardolite Corporation

EXCELLENT ! Very thorough. Thank you!

Mehrgan K. , from 3D Systems

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