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Innovative Plastics Applications

SpecialChem / Feb 7, 2007

Bee-O-Sphere Technologies Inc. has launched an innovative comb honey package called the Bee-O-Pac. The startup company, formed by design engineer, Ian Bigham, and beekeeper, Andrew Sperlich is advancing beekeeping practices through innovative technology and package design. The creative patent pending Bee-O-Pac plastic packaging system is a completely new way for beekeepers to harvest comb honey from their beehives with a minimum of labor and expense. Bee-O-Pac is made of food grade PET plastic thermoform-ed as a standard 6 5/8" half frame. Designed to be used in the hive, each half frame contains eight individual package base cavities molded with a honeycomb pattern embossed on the bottom surface, eliminating the need for foundation wax. The cavities open outwardly and provide a space for the honeybees to build their comb honey. In designing the product, it was determined that bees prefer trays made of amorphous PET over those made of injection-molded polystyrene. The thermoformed trays are smoother, with well-rounded corners that bees prefer.

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