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Patagonia Interview Questions, with Accompanying Background Information

SpecialChem / Feb 12, 2007

As you know, at Patagonia we are trying to incorporate recycled PET as much as possible. Where we were using 100% virgin material, we are blending in recycled polyester for some fabrics and completely converting to 100% recycled polyester for others. It depends on the garment application, the type of fabric, the yarn sizes, and even the color and luster. We still have high standards for performance, appearance, and hand feel. Therefore we are encouraging raw material suppliers to strive for virgin-quality recycled fibers. We are trying to maximize post-consumer recycled (PCR) content and phase out the use of antimony as a polymerization catalyst. Specifically, we're leaving the polymer chemistry to the experts - the raw material companies! They are improving technology, such as efficiencies in methanolysis for chemical recycling and cleaner re-melt for mechanical recycling. This allows Patagonia to offer high quality products made with environmentally responsible materials, and gives everyone more solutions to the environmental crisis.

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