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Performance Specialized Transparent Packaging Polyesters

SpecialChem / Mar 30, 2007

Voridian, a division of Eastman Chemical Company and the world's largest supplier of PET resins for packaging, commercialized a PET resin that contains an FDA compliant UV light absorber to protect delicate colors, flavors, aromas, vitamins and nutrients in custom packaging for foods, beverages, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and personal care products while maintaining the crystal clarity of standard PET. Figure 1 Vitiva PET PC715 UV absorber color protection-Voridian. Containers made from the Vitiva PET PC715 will block virtually all UV light from 320 to 370 nanometers, whereas standard PET and other packaging materials, such as glass, polypropylene, and polyethylene allow UV light to pass through the packaging, negatively impacting product quality. Packaging made of Vitiva PET PC715 extends product shelf life by protecting against many UV light initiated or catalyzed degradation reactions.The UV absorber in Vitiva PET is chemically bound to the polymer chain, which ensures consistent UV protection performance and eliminates any potential for plateout on molds or dryers.

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