The material selection platform
Plastics & Elastomers
The material selection platform
Plastics & Elastomers

Discover new generation lightweight paint pails with improved aesthetics

Brochure | Supplied by ExxonMobil Chemical

With the help of ExxonMobil™ polypropylene (PP) impact copolymer resins, manufacturers have been replacing traditional packaging materials, such as metal, with plastics. These impact copolymers helps in improving the packaging integrity, impact strength, durability and appearance of pails used for emulsion paint, while improves the sustainability and overall performance of the company

Key advantages of Plastic Paint pails over Metal pails are:

  • Improved toughness for less damage
  • Lightweight as compared to metal pails for lower transportation costs
  • Improved Locking system of the pails
  • Reduces raw material use & waste production

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