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Biocomposites in Automotive Applications

SpecialChem / Muthuramalingam Krishnan – Oct 7, 2013

The recent forecasts indicate that the Crude oil price will reach $100 dollar per barrel in 2015, $120 in 2020, $130 in 2025, and $150 per barrel in 2035. Now we all are in a situation where there is not only lack of crude oil but also its availability is uncertain in long term. Research sources say that we have crude oil only for 45 to 60 years maximum. The shortage of crude oil will hit entire world's businesses. Latest discoveries of bioplastics, natural fibers and natural gas and hydrogen gives hope for sustainability. Companies in many industries have started their research and development projects to produce chemicals, monomers, polymers commercially by using renewable feed stocks which consume less energy and produce fewer greenhouse gas emissions.

This progress in Green Chemistry has affected the supply chains of many manufacturers in the recent years. 2010 is considered as the golden year for bioplastics market where lots of developments took place and few successful bio-based materials were introduced in the market. This drives the industry to focus on agricultural waste and its related projects. The rapid growth of bioplastics is accounted as 1% of total fossil-based plastics in the world market today. The newly introduced bioplastics not only help the industry but also make us less dependent on crude oil.

In addition to bioplastics market, Natural fibers' use in various applications...

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