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Covestro at MD&M East: Highlights Medical PUR & TPU Portfolio for OEMs

Published on 2016-06-14. Author : SpecialChem

PITTSBURGH, June 13, 2016 -- Doctors and patients alike rely on health care products for prevention, diagnosis and treatment of medical issues. Medical product manufacturers in turn rely on advanced materials and technologies from Covestro LLC to ensure their health care products effectively meet these demands.

Covestro provides many diverse offerings to medical product original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), including high-performance films and raw materials for foams, adhesives and sealants. More than 500 leading medtech suppliers and manufacturers have the opportunity to learn about Covestro’s materials and technologies for the medical industry at the Medical Design & Manufacturing (MD&M) East Expo June 14-16, in New York City.


In booth #751, Covestro highlights a selection of its medical material portfolio, including versatile polyurethane materials that can be used for a myriad of medical applications. Polyurethane materials can be used to create breathable adhesives, foams and films ideal for use in advanced wound care products where they allow for effective moisture management and help to improve patient comfort and healing.

Baymedix® raw materials from Covestro are an outstanding foundation for the creation of polyurethane foam, films and adhesives for medical applications. The customizable polyurethane products offer a robust property profile lending durability, flexibility and breathability to end-use applications.

For example, Baymedix® raw materials can be used for the production of breathable polyurethane adhesives. The adjustable adhesive strength of adhesives made with this technology results in “low trauma” removal for patient comfort. These raw materials can also be used for casted and dip-coated polyurethane films for applications such as scope covers, laminates, medical wearables and wound management products.

Baymedix® raw materials are used in the creation of absorbent polyurethane foams. Covestro recently debut a new prepolymer grade, Baymedix® FP505 prepolymer. This material creates non-yellowing aliphatic foams with excellent fluid absorption and retention properties, especially important for wound moisture management. Additional benefits of Baymedix® raw materials include a formulation that is free of solvents and the efficient processing of the materials using fewer resources (oven drying and water).

In addition to its Baymedix® raw materials, Covestro also offers thermoplastic polyurethane films to medical OEMs for their health care applications. Platilon® and Dureflex® - films possess a desirable balance of durability, abrasion resistance and flexibility. Furthermore, OEMs can work with Covestro to customize these materials’ properties. Suitable Platilon® and Dureflex® - films can be used for medical wearables, specifically patches used to house diagnostic-related devices. They are also great material choices for wound dressings. Thanks to the materials’ high breathability, wound dressings can protect the wound while the breathability helps to advance the healing process and enhance patient comfort.

Platilon® and Dureflex® thermoplastic films are made from aromatic or aliphatic polyurethane. Whether transparent or colored, these films have outstanding chemical, mechanical and thermal properties. They are skin friendly, heat resistant and flexible in cold conditions, as well as puncture and abrasion resistant.

Dureflex® polyurethane and specialty elastomer films are highly flexible and tear resistant, even at very thin gauges. Dureflex® films are ideal for use as a protective cover in a number of health care applications. The films can be found in neonatal mattress pads between the polyurethane foam and the fabric cover, in external breast prosthesis and surrounding the diagnostic fluid in a component of a breast cancer detection kit.

Covestro also offers material blends that combine the best of both worlds ¬–Baymedix® foam on Platilon® and Dureflex® films or Baymedix® adhesive on Platilon® and Dureflex® films. MD&M East attendees interested in learning more are invited to Covestro’s booth where they can experience Covestro’s Baymedix® raw materials and Platilon® and Dureflex® films in wound care dressings and as films on a variety of medical devices.

Baymedix®, Platilon® and Dureflex® are registered trademarks of Covestro Group.

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Covestro LLC is one of the leading producers of high-performance polymers in North America and is part of the global Covestro business with 2015 sales of EUR 12.1 billion. Covestro manufactures high-tech polymer materials and develops innovative solutions for products used in many areas of daily life. The main segments served are the automotive, electrical and electronics, construction, medical and sports and leisure industries. The Covestro group has 30 production sites around the globe and employed approximately 15,800 people at the end of 2015.

Source: Covestro

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