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MHG at Bio-based & Sustainable Chemicals Summit: Offered Insight into PHA Copolymer Growth

Published on 2015-02-12. Author : SpecialChem

MHG, the manufacturer to produce PHA copolymers on a commercial scale, presented at the 6th annual Next Generation Bio-based & Sustainable Chemicals Summit in New Orleans, Louisiana. The event, which took place from February 4-5, 2015, allowed attendees to network with other participants from the industry in an effort to facilitate the commercialization of sustainable bio-based products. MHG’s Chief Executive Officer Dr. Paul Pereira, and Chief Science Officer, Dr. Isao Noda, presented their case study on the development and commercial stages of MHG’s Nodax PHA copolymers.

“The bio-based and sustainable chemicals industry has been struggling for years to evolve past the ‘green’ niche market into full-scale commercialization”, stated Dr. Paul Pereira, CEO and Executive Chairman of the Board of Directors at MHG. “Our story gives the audience a unique insight into the process of introducing our Nodax PHA copolymers to the commercial marketplace, as well as scaling it for global production.”

MHG’s trademarked Agrofacturing™ process utilizes canola oil to create commercial grade PHA. Canola oil is a sustainable alternative to even other plants, such as corn or sugarcane, as it can be double-cropped without depleting the soil. By vertically integrating their supply chains MHG has the unique ability to retain unilateral control over their manufacturing process from the planting of canola seeds to their propriety extrusion process— allowing them to deliver a uniquely customizable, sustainable PHA bioplastic to the commercial marketplace. MHG’s manufacturing process produces zero waste as the biomass produced during seed-crushing is used for fertilizer and livestock feed, and any remaining canola oil from cold-crushing is sold in the marketplace.

MHG’s attendance at the Next Generation Bio-Based & Sustainable Chemicals Summit comes right after the Innoplast Solutions Conference, where the biopolymer manufacturer was the platinum sponsor. At the event Dr. Paul Pereira and Dr. Isao Noda presented “The Disappearing Act”, a presentation on MHG’s 100% biodegradable and renewable PHA biopolymers.

About MHG

MHG is the holding company of Meredian, Inc. and Danimer Scientific, environmental entities striving to create a greener tomorrow with renewable, sustainable, 100% biodegradable, and toxin free bioplastics for people at work and at home.

Meredian operates as among the recognized world leaders in the production of polyhydroxyalkanoates (PHA) plastics. DaniMer Scientific specializes in the customization of biopolymer formulations that combine PHA and PLA through a proprietary reactive extrusion process. MHG’s AgrofacturingTM system includes cold-pressing canola oil harvested from non-GMO canola seed, and manufacturing it into PHA biopolymer. By sourcing locally grown canola, a rotation crop, MHG provides farmers with a market that does not compete with food harvests. Supported by a group of world-class scientists and business leaders, MHG currently owns more than 125 patents across nearly 20 countries. MHG is headquartered in Bainbridge, Georgia, USA.

Source: MHG

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