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High-performance PUR Casting Systems by RAMPF for Automotive at electronica 2016

Published on 2016-11-02. Author : SpecialChem

The Outstanding Thermomechanic Properties of RAMPF Polyurethane Electro Casting Resins have Been Confirmed in Dynamic-mechanical Analyzes (DMAs)
The Outstanding Thermomechanic Properties of
RAMPF Polyurethane Electro Casting Resins have Been
Confirmed in Dynamic-mechanical Analyzes (DMAs)
GRAFENBERG -- At electronica 2016, November 8 – 11, in Munich, RAMPF Polymer Solutions will be presenting its new portfolio of polyurethane electro casting resins with excellent thermo-mechanical properties. The company will also be featuring extremely clear adhesives for the optical bonding of displays.

RAMPF Polymer Solutions is represented on the market with a comprehensive range of electro casting resins based on PUR, epoxy, and silicone that combine outstanding thermo-mechanical and electrical properties with high thermal conductivity. In the automotive industry, energy, automation, and household goods industries, these casting systems ensure reliability, control, processability, sustainability, and convenience in a wide range of electronic and electrical applications.

RAKU-PUR® Electro Casting Resins with High Thermo-mechanical Performance

Thermal shock – shock-like temperature variations linked with the thermal expansion coefficient of materials – can lead to fractures in contacts and cables, cracks in the resin, and cause gaps to open up between the resin and plastic parts in sensitive and complex electronic and electrical components such as electronic control units and sensors.

To increase electrical/electronic components’ resistance to thermal shock, RAMPF Polymer Solutions has developed a comprehensive portfolio of high-performance polyurethane electro casting resins whose outstanding thermo-mechanic properties have been confirmed in dynamic-mechanical analyses (DMAs).

The RAKU-PUR® portfolio of electro casting resins ensures a perfect and lasting resistance to temperature variations in an application temperature range of -40 to +130°C, with benefits including:
  • Low modulus of elasticity
  • Low Shore hardness
  • Low water absorption and good hydrolytic resistance
  • Low glass transition temperature
  • Low dielectric constant
  • Low shrinkage and stress during curing due to low exothermicity
  • Good curing at room temperature

Thanks to the use of non-abrasive fillers, the RoHS-compliant, RTI-listed polyurethane systems can be processed on standard two-component mixing and dispensing systems. Systems are also available in a flame retardant version according to UL 94 V0.

1- and 2-component Electro Casting Resins With Excellent Thermal Conductivity

RAMPF also has the perfect long-term solution for keeping components at the ideal temperature for their functionality. Electro casting resins with thermal conductivity of up to 2.2 W/(m*K) ensure that heat is efficiently conducted away from the component, thus reducing thermal loads.

RAMPF Group Inc. offers mixing and dispensing equipment, reactive resins products and modeling and mold engineering materials.

The RAMPF Group is firmly in family hands, with Michael and Matthias Rampf at the helm. Horst Bader is responsible for finance, controlling, and strategic purchasing, while company founder Rudolf Rampf chairs the advisory board.

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Source: RAMPF Group Inc.
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