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Sierra Resins Unveils Injection Moldable Z-Resin Compound Containing Recycled GTR

Published on 2014-09-24. Author : SpecialChem

MANSFIELD, MA -- Ground Tire Rubber (GTR) is used in asphalt paving, synthetic mulch, and various types of athletic field surface top dressing, among other applications. Without tire recyclers, billions of tires would hit landfills on an annual basis.

"The whole idea behind Z-Resin development was straight forward; to determine applications for various GTR percentages and mesh sizes when we loaded GTR with a polyolefin resin and a binder during Masterbatch compound creation," said John Tersigni, CEO of Sierra Resins.

"For example, the type of question we asked ourselves was what's the right GTR particle size and percentage when combined with a polyolefin to create a compound for protective athletic gear to improve impact resistance and possibly reduce risk of injury? The market opportunity drove the product research and development, versus the other way around."

"We're exploring different ventures with tire recyclers as not just suppliers, but also as business development partners. The plan now is concept testing and commercialization," said Tersigni.

In addition, Sierra Resins is evaluating their bio-concentrate bio-Lene 14 into the injection moldable Z-Resin compound. "Rubber of course never goes away, but the environmental impact of micronized rubber that's ground into a baby powder-like consistency would have less of an ecological footprint than some of the larger crumb rubber sizes that recyclers grind up and produce for synthetic mulch that's used as a bark replacement," added Tersigni.

Sierra Resins will also conduct recycling testing on injection molded Z-Resin components consisting of micronized tire rubber particles with olefin resins at various load rates and compounding variables to determine the recyclability of Z-Resin.

According Wikipedia, Over 1 billion tires are produced annually in over 400 tire factories.

About Sierra Resins Inc.

Sierra Resins Inc. is a formulator and licensor of bioplastics technology.

Source: Sierra Resins Inc.

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