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High Heat Materials
High temperature plastics bring the superior properties of polymers to bear, even at high permanent operating temperatures. Heat resistant plastics are a light, versatile alternative to metal, ceramics and older-generation polymers. High performance plastics meet higher requirements than standard and engineering plastics because of their better mechanical properties, higher chemical and/or higher heat stability.

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Apr 12, 2019 | Industry News

New Research Develops Thermoelectric Material with Ultra-sensitive Heat Sensor

Scientists at the Laboratory of Organic Electronics have developed an ultra-sensitive heat sensor that is flexible, transparent and printable. The results have potential for a wide range of...

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Mar 25, 2019 | Industry News

DIC Corporation Invests in New PPS Production Facility in North America

DIC corporation will build a new production line for its superior heat-resistant polyphenylene sulfide (PPS) compounds, used in vehicle electrical system as well as EV, at its DIC Imaging Products...

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Mar 14, 2019 | Industry News

DuPont to Expand Kapton® PI Film & Pyralux® Flexible Circuit Materials Production

DuPont is investing USD220 million expand production of DuPont™ Kapton® polyimide film and Pyralux® flexible circuit materials widely used in automotive, consumer electronics, telecom and defense...

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Mar 11, 2019 | Product News

VELOX’s New PEEK Grade for Highly-customized Technical Plastics Solutions

VELOX GmbH has presented a new grade for its own brand PrimeTec® for highly customized technical plastics solutions. First customers have already started sampling this grade...

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Feb 27, 2019 | Industry News

Teijin to Acquire Renegade and Expand Thermoset Prepregs Business in Aerospace Field

Teijin Limited has announced that it has agreed to acquire Renegade Materials Corporation (Renegade), supplier of highly heat-resistant thermoset prepreg for the aerospace industry. Renegade will...

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Feb 19, 2019 | Industry News

Biesterfeld Becomes Distributor for Solvay’s Sulfone Polymers in UK & Ireland

Biesterfeld is strengthening its partnership with Solvay Specialty Polymers. With effect from April 2019, Biesterfeld will handle sales of the Solvay’s sulfone polymers Udel® PSU, Radel® PPSU and...

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Feb 18, 2019 | Product News

Evonik Develops High Temperature-stable PA 6 Powder for 3D Printing Applications

Evonik has developed a new polymer powder for 3D printing applications in higher temperature range, for example in the automotive and electronics industries, as part of its polyamide 6 series. A...

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Feb 15, 2019 | Industry News

Solvay’s PPSU Offers Superior Sterilization Performance in Surgical Tray Over Metal

Solvay’s Radel® PPSU resin and its ability to withstand high pH cleaners during repeated sterilization cycles and high-temperature autoclaves (280°F (138°C)) helped Legacy Medical Solutions optimize...

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Jan 28, 2019 | Product News

Sun Chemical’s New Epoxy Resin for Increased Performance in High Temp. Applications

Sun Chemical has launched a multi-functional naphthalene epoxy resin to increase high temperature performance in the aerospace, transportation and electronics industry. EPICLON HP 4770 is well...

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Jan 22, 2019 | Industry News

BASF Gets EU’s Conditional Approval to Acquire Solvay’s Nylon Business

BASF has announced an important milestone in BASF-Solvay polyamide acquisition deal. the EU Commission has granted conditional clearance for BASF to acquire Solvay’s polyamide business. Closing is...

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