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Zoltek’s Carbon Fiber Enables Uniti to Scale up Electric Cars Production

Published on 2018-05-15. Author : SpecialChem

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Uniti’s Electric Cars
Uniti’s Electric Cars
Zoltek Companies, Inc. and Uniti have signed a Memorandum of Understanding.

Securing Carbon Fiber Supply - MoU

  • The agreement, which takes effect immediately, outlines a partnership between Zoltek and Uniti in which Zoltek will be the preferred supplier of carbon fiber for Uniti’s line of electric cars
  • Uniti has already received thousands of pre-orders for their Uniti One vehicle which will feature an all carbon fiber body made with approximately 20kg of Zoltek PX35, 50K carbon fiber. 
  • This memorandum secures the carbon fiber supply for Uniti as the demand for their vehicles increases. 

Anton Franzén, CTO, Uniti, commented:
“It was important for us to develop a partnership with a carbon fiber supplier with the proven ability to increase production to help us grow our business.”

Replacing Metal Design with Carbon Fiber

Use of Zoltek PX35 carbon fiber to replace the conventional metal design has resulted in a vehicle that is lightweight while maintaining superior mechanical properties, all without the high price of typical advanced materials.

David Purcell, Zoltek’s executive vice president of composite intermediates and oxidized fiber, said:
“Uniti has developed a truly unique vehicle that is changing the automotive industry. We welcome their partnership and are happy that they recognized Zoltek as the logical choice for a carbon fiber partner as they scale up. This further validates Zoltek’s business model of stable, predictable pricing and guaranteed supply, and should alleviate any concerns in the supply of carbon fiber as Uniti plans for significant growth in the coming years.”

Source: Zoltek Companies, Inc.
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