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LyondellBasell’s New Smart Polymer with “Self-healing” Properties Earns Innovation Award

Published on 2017-10-27. Author : SpecialChem

Smart Polymer with “Self-healing” Properties Earns European Innovation Award
Smart Polymer with “Self-healing” Properties Earns European Innovation Award
LyondellBasell received a European Innovation Award from Plastics Europe and the Society of Plastics Engineers (SPE) in the category "Material Innovation." The company was honored for the development of Koattro KT MR05, a new plastomer with "self-healing" properties. The energy injected by the cutting instrument melts the amorph-soft surface and the two components can be joined together before the surface recrystallizes.

Translating Material Science into Applications

This material could be used to advance the production of seals for aluminum, plastic and wooden windows and doors. The components are cut and pressed onto the carrier surface without the use of glues, adhesives, special tooling or the need for extensive preparation work.

Innovation Award European

Richard Roudeix, LyondellBasell's senior vice president olefins and polyolefins for Europe, Asia and international, said:
"We are honored to receive this Innovation Award from Plastics Europe. Innovation is a part of our DNA and our extensive R&D and Technical Service teams around the world are helping our customers advance their product portfolio, making more sustainable production processes a reality."

The European Innovation Award was launched by The Society of Plastics Engineers and Plastics Europe to raise awareness about the potential of plastic materials. With this award, Plastics Europe and SPE honor companies that have excelled with regard to innovation in the plastics industry. All companies that play a role in the value chain of plastics products, from the larger chemical companies to the plastic converting SMEs, are eligible for the award.

Koattro Family

The Koattro family of high performance plastomers based on Butene-1 is characterized by several unique properties such as transparency, softness, flexibility without the use of plasticizers and products that are elastic without any cross-linking. This new family of products is the latest example of LyondellBasell's ability to translate material science into applications that advance traditional polymers into next generation materials.

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Source: LyondellBasell
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