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S&E Specialty Polymers Unveils Rubber-replacing CPE Compounds for Wires & Cables

Published on 2016-06-24. Author : SpecialChem

CPE Cable

LUNENBURG, MA -- S&E Specialty Polymers after several years of extensive research and development has introduced six new thermoplastic and thermoset CPE-based (Chlorinated Polyethylene) compounds.

New CPE Compounds with Improved Properties for Wire & Cable

  • S&E Specialty Polymers’ New CPE compounds cover majority of wire & cable industry needs.
  • New compounds are excellent candidates for the replacement of many engineering type polymers and rubber.
  • Theseccompounds have exceptional resistant to chemicals and heat.
  • Uses wide range of continuous temperature (from -50oC – 105oC).

The new S&E's TufTechTM and TufGuardTM CPE compounds cover a broad range from hard to soft and are designed to withstand the harshest environments.

S&E’s TufTechTM and TufGuardTM CPE Cable
Fig. 1: S&E’s TufTechTM and TufGuardTM CPE Cable

Duane Shooltz, President and Managing Partner at S&E said: “We feel we’ve brought CPE compounds to the next level. While CPE’s have been used by the wire & cable industry for many years, there has been very little modification or improvement to the formulations of these compounds. We’ve created a better line of CPE’s not only for wire & cable, but for other applications as well where chemical and temperature resistance is important.”

Properties of S&E’s New CPE Compounds

  • S&E’s new CPE compounds are available as crosslinked and non-crosslinked grades. 
  • New thermoplastic-grade CPE-16-009, CPE-14-031 and CPE-13-021 are examples for cross-linking. CPE Compounds are designed to replace engineering grade elastomers in any application that requires excellent chemical resistance and wide ‘continuous use’ temperature range (-50oC – 105oC).
  • Potential applications include drilling industries, transportation and wind turbines. 

About S&E Specialty Polymers

S&E Specialty Polymers is among the premier specialty plastic compounders serving the automotive, wire and cable, battery/stored energy, consumer and footwear markets. The company’s products are also used extensively in general purpose molding and extrusion applications. S&E produces PVC, TPE, TPO & TPR compounds including flame retardant polyolefin, flame retardant/low smoke PVC Plenum and low smoke zero halogen compounds. The company is also a leading producer of flame retardant concentrates and compounds requiring exact color matching.

Source: S&E Specialty Polymers

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