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DOMO Unveils DOMAMID® XS, a Fiber-reinforced Polyamide

Published on 2016-04-29. Author : SpecialChem

DOMO Engineering Plastics is continuously following its strategy to grow its innovative capabilities and globally strengthen the business and service level to its customers. With the acquisition in July 2015 of Technical Polymers LLC, an engineering plastics specialist based in the US, DOMO has enlarged its product portfolio on a global basis with a wide range of high performance engineering polymers, increasing its innovation through customized formulation capabilities for specific applications.

DOMAMID® XS – Partially aromatic polyamide alloys

The new DOMAMID® XS products are fiber reinforced thermoplastic compounds based on a combination of semi-crystalline PA6.6 and partially aromatic polyamide. The XS product family offers standard glass fiber reinforcement, as well specialty fiber reinforced solutions that enable very high strength, very high modulus, and low warpage and enhanced high flow properties for metal replacement and light-weighting applications.

Automotive - Heavy Trucks - Furniture - Industrial
Fig. 1: Automotive - Heavy Trucks - Furniture - Industrial

The new DOMAMID® XS series offers:
  • High stiffness and tensile strength 
  • Excellent surface quality 
  • Low warpage 
  • Very good creep resistance 
  • High dimensional stability 
  • Low moisture absorption

Many Applications Requiring Both High Mechanical Properties and Good Surface Appearance

Weight reduction through metal replacement or thin-walling is one of the most driving trends in many industries, particularly in the automotive and industrial sectors.

DOMAMID® XS 66G50 H1 Properties in Comparison to One of the Most Common Competitor Grade
Fig. 2: DOMAMID® XS 66G50 H1 Properties in Comparison to One of the Most Common Competitor Grade

DOMAMID® XS is used for metal die-cast substitution in many market sectors for functional parts requiring metal-like performance. DOMO experts have already developed a large number of technical parts such as heavy truck mirror housings, motor boat engine covers, structural furniture components, automotive roof racks, cockpit controls, mobile phone housings and industrial pump housings.

Along with the PA6-based DOMAMID® HCE family, DOMAMID® XS adds to DOMO’s already extensive line of compounds that offer high quality surface appearance along with superior mechanical properties.

About DOMO Chemicals

DOMO Chemicals is a customer oriented, unique integrated nylon 6 player, globally active in the field of nylon 6 intermediates (caprolactam, cyclohexanone, phenol, acetone, ...), nylon 6 resins, nylon 6 engineering plastics, fertilizers, engineering plastics, nylon 6 packaging film and distribution of petrochemical products.

Source: DOMO

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