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LEHVOSS North America Unveils New Products & Customized Material Solutions at NPE2018

Published on 2018-05-09. Author : SpecialChem

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LUVOCOM® 3F Product-based FFF Part
LUVOCOM® 3F Product-based FFF Part
LEHVOSS North America, part of the LEHVOSS Group and a subsidiary of Lehmann&Voss&Co., Germany, is showcasing three innovative new products at NPE2018, May 7-11 at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida (Booth #531147). A major focus of the exhibit is on the company’s customized material solutions and its expanding capabilities in custom compounding, additive manufacturing, masterbatch and concentrates.

New Additions


A new addition to the LUVOCOM® product line, LUVOCOM 1114 is designed to provide exceptional tribological and thermal properties. Based on the high-temperature resistant polymer PEKK, LUVOCOM 1114 offers a number of advantages in tribological applications when compared to other high-temperature polymers such as PEEK.

According to Robert Healy, Managing Director, LEHVOSS North America:
“The wear and friction characteristics of compounds from the LUVOCOM 1114 line exhibit a low and particularly uniform curve up to 165°C (329°F). LUVOCOM 1114 also has an elevated heat deflection temperature.”


Another new LUVOCOM product, LUVOCOM 3F, is designed for extrusion-based 3D printing processes including fused filament fabrication.

Robert Healy said:
“The product line is dedicated to easy 3D printing with excellent mechanical properties. Polymers are tailored to 3D printing for different processes and offer improved layer bonding and enhanced printability. The injection molding quality of printed parts is 100 percent consistent.”

LUVOBATCH® PA BA 1001/1002

Also featured is LUVOBATCH® PA BA 1001/1002, an endothermic blowing agent that makes it possible to reduce the weight of reinforced polyamides (PA).

Robert Healy said:
“Polyamides with reinforcing materials such as glass fibers, carbon fibers and minerals are becoming increasingly important in weight reduction. Using the LUVOBATCH PA BA 1001/1002 blowing agent reduces the weight of these materials by up to 30 percent and simultaneously maintains a low level loss of mechanical properties.”

The endothermic blowing agent is specially adapted to polyamides. It helps avoid sink marks and contraction cavities. “Using LUVOBATCH PA BA 1001/1002 as the carrier system reduces or prevents the delamination in components subject to high mechanical stress which may arise during the addition of masterbatch based on polyethylene or universal carriers.” The system can be used in all common processing techniques.

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Source: LEHVOSS North America
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