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Nilit Plastics Introduces Semi-crystalline PPA for Injection Molding Customers

Published on 2016-03-28. Author : SpecialChem

Nilit Plastics, one of the world’s largest polyamide compounders, is introducing Nilamid XT semi-crystalline polyphthalamides for injection molding customers who need purpose-designed high performance materials in small-to-medium-sized quantities. The company intends to play an important part in a market that continues to exhibit double-digit annual growth.

Nilit Plastics
Fig. 1: Nilit Plastics

Polyphthalamides are partially aromatic polyamides that have superior resistance to high temperatures in combination with excellent mechanical properties, high dimensional stability, and very good chemical resistance. Nilit Plastics will aim Nilamid XT compounds at two segments in particular, for which it expects strong demand in Europe: automotive/transportation and general industry (including appliances).

“For a materials supplier to succeed in this field, there is limited value in offering ‘me too’ products,” says Arno Wolf, Vice President, Performance Polymers, at Nilit Plastics. “The supply side is already populated by established polymer suppliers who have been in the market for many years. So we will differentiate ourselves. With Nilamid XT, we will play to our strengths creating compounds that meet very specific requirements. Nilamid XT is a specialty brand for specialty applications.”

Polyphthalamides are already used in a number of components in the key markets being targeted by Nilit Plastics. These include automobile fuel line components, bushings and bearings, often as substitutes for metals that weigh and cost more on a part volume basis. Savings are also being achieved in appliances, where PPA has often replaced brass in such parts as water heater manifolds, valve bodies and coolant pumps.
Under Bonnet Components
Fig. 2: Under Bonnet Components

“Many of these are established applications, but specifier needs are changing and becoming more refined,” says Wolf. “This can result in a lower demand for individual grades, and this is where we come in. Nilit Plastics has dedicated significant resources to R&D and to manufacturing equipment in Germany and Italy, and we are ideally positioned to develop tailor made PPA compounds with very specific properties”

Wolf points out that Nilit Plastics already has considerable experience in developing application-specific compounds with its Nilamid range of polyamide 6 and 66 compounds, as well as flame retardant Frianyl variants. “But with high performance, high temperature resistant polymers like polyphthalamides, we think this ability will be even more appreciated,” he says. “In fact, discussions we have already had with key customers have confirmed that this is the service that the market will value.”

The Nilamid XT family will complement existing families of high performance polyamide-based compounds that Nilit Plastics has introduced in recent months. The company already offers “enhanced polyamide 66” branded as Nilamid XS, for example, intended principally for metal replacement applications. In addition, first applications for the Frianyl XT family of flame-retardant polyphthalamides that Nilit Plastics introduced in late 2014 are now being commercialized. These materials have helped reinforce Nilit Plastics’ position as a leading supplier of materials tailor-made for applications in the electrical and electronics sector. “Nilamid XT will enable us to further expand into new application spaces,” Wolf says.

About Nilit Plastics

Nilit Plastics helps leading manufacturers of high performance products stay successful. OEMs turn to Nilit Plastics for the competitive advantages it provides as an integrated specialist manufacturer of one of the world’s widest ranges of polyamide compounds. Nilit Plastics is dedicated to working closely with processors, designers and specifiers to help them deliver their own innovative, efficient and highly-effective solutions.

Source: Nilit Plastics

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