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PolyOne Displays Breakthrough Polymer Solutions & more at CHINAPLAS 2018

Published on 2018-04-25. Author : SpecialChem

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At CHINAPLAS 2018, PolyOne (in Hall. 8.2, Stand E37) is showcasing a variety of breakthrough polymers, colorants, and additives that are enabling manufacturers and designers to unlock new potential.

PolyOne's Breakthrough Polymer Solutions at CHINAPLAS 2018

Barto Du Plessis, vice president Asia, PolyOne said:

“As a leading provider of specialty polymers, we work together with our customers to improve the design, production, marketplace appeal, and performance of their products. Our collaborative approach, along with a forward-thinking portfolio of solutions, enables development of groundbreaking new products adapted to the future. We enable customers to capitalize on an ever-changing market landscape and achieve their ultimate aims of commercial success, profitability, and sustainability,”

Unlock New Potential with PolyOne’s Solutions

Innovative Polymer Solutions to Meet Specific Requirements

  • Resilience™ LS Vinyl Polymers are formulated to meet essential performance and aesthetic needs for LED luminaires, from flame resistance and clarity to highly reflective and uniform metallic color effects.

  • ECCOH™ Wire & Cable Solutions are non-halogen formulations that meet strict designations / standards and reduce fire risk with high flame resistance. They help to improve fire safety with low smoke and fume generation in the event of fire, meeting stringent regulations for smoke and toxicity.

  • Versaflex™ CE TPEs for portable audio speaker gaskets and skins protect audio components from water and dust while expanding design freedom. They also resist abrasion and ultraviolet (UV) rays to maintain long-lasting aesthetics and eliminate assembly steps with a one-step overmolding process.

  • Polyone Cutting-edge Polymer Solutions for E&E and Automotive Applications

  • High Temperature Polymer Solutions are lightweight and versatile alternatives to metals and ceramics for both transportation and industrial applications.

  • Custom Engineered Polymer Formulations for 5G wireless telecom equipment meet specific performance requirements and reduce manufacturing lead times for faster design qualification. 

  • Low VOC / FOG TPEs for automotive HVAC flaps help OEMs meet Vehicle Interior Air Quality (VIAQ) standards, with grades that satisfy VDA 278 (fogging) and VDA 270 (odor) test standards while minimizing secondary manufacturing steps.

Advances in Color and Additive Solutions

  • InVisiO™ Color Inspiration 2019+ collection of four influential and emerging color palettes examines a world in flux, one where we honor our heritage, seek nature in materials, embrace techno-uncertainty, and cherish true craft.

  • OnColor™ Brilliant Metallic Colorants are the newest members of PolyOne’s portfolio of OnColor FX special effects in Asia. This striking new line finally meets the need for paint replacement and premium surface finish and may even help customers to replace metal parts or plating for plastic parts.

  • ColorMatrix™ Lactra SX Additive is the only commercially available fully light-blocking white additive to be compliant with the latest Chinese Food Approval standards (GB). It improves the shelf life of light-sensitive dairy products such as Ultra High Temperature (UHT) milk and protein-enhanced yoghurts by providing 99.99% light blocking.

Source: PolyOne
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