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RadiciGroup at MSV: Highlighted High-performance Engineering Polyamides

Published on 2014-10-14. Author : SpecialChem

After ChinaPlas in Shanghai MSV [Sep. 29-Oct. 03] in Brno was the second international fair in 2014 where RadiciGroup Plastics exhibited its nylon specialties. This year the focus was on some of the high-performance engineering plastics developed by RadiciGroup Plastics, chiefly from the nylon 6.10 Radilon® D product range. More specifically, the center of attention is Radilon® D RV600RKC, a 60% glass-fiber-filled PA6.10, featuring high sustainability combined with excellent performance.

From its nylon 6.12 line of engineering plastics with high impact resistance, good heat-ageing resistance and excellent chemical resistance, RadiciGroup showcased Radilon® DT 40EP75W.

Among its high-temperature resistant nylon specialties at the MSV event, RadiciGroup exhibited Radilon® A RV350HHR, a 35% glass-fiber-filled polyamide with excellent hot air heat-ageing resistance at temperatures up to 210°C. In addition to these engineering plastics in the traditional HHR line, RadiciGroup Plastics showcased the more recent Radilon® XTreme RV200UK family, PAs that feature even higher performance.

For the Brno event, from its special polymers developed for metal replacement, RadiciGroup has selected Radistrong® A X7957, a PA 6.6 60% glass-fiber-filled polyamide, ideal for metal replacement in critical applications requiring superior performance unattainable by traditional polymers.

About RadiciGroup

In the plastics industry RadiciGroup is one of the most highly regarded manufacturers of polyamide engineering plastics. With six plants strategically located in Italy, Brazil, the United States, Germany and China, RadiciGroup Plastics offers processing, quality control, research and development, and technological development support. A network of sales units — with a strong presence in Italy, Germany, France, Spain, Great Britain, the USA, Brazil, China and India — makes RadiciGroup Plastics a truly global organization, capable of meeting the needs of its customers worldwide on a timely basis.

Source: RadiciGroup

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