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EU Certifies Perstorp’s Transparent Thermoplastic Compliant for Food-contact Use

Published on 2016-09-14. Author : SpecialChem

The key monomer in Perstorp’s Akestra™ thermoplastic copolyester has been added to (EU) 10/2011 by the European Commission. This means that all components in Akestra™ are now on the list of authorized substances for food contact use which proves that Akestra™ is fully safe for use in food packaging.

Akestra Properties

EU Compliant Plastic

Perstorp is now introducing Akestra™ to the European market. It is an amorphous alternative for hot-fill packaging where transparency is important and can be used in many applications where high heat resistance is vital. Akestra™ can be combined with up to 80% of recycled PET to increase the performance of PET.

Clarity, Heat Resistance & High Melt Strength

David Engberg, product manager, said:
“Akestra™ is a unique family of plastics that will open up a whole new range of applications for polyesters. It is an excellent choice for demanding applications like hot-fill and hot food serving. We expect it to be used primarily in disposable packaging.”

The material has a high glass transition temperature up to 110°C and a deflection temperature under load which is up to 30°C higher compared to PET. This makes Akestra™ a high-performing alternative to PET and some other transparent plastics for thin-wall containers, and to polycarbonate for durable transparent products. In some hot-fill food containers, it may also replace glass itself.

Marie Grönborg, EVP Business Area Specialties & Solutions, said:
“Akestra™ enables efficient production since the existing PET production line can be used meaning that no major investments are needed. This allows our customers to quite quickly convert to use Akestra™ and to commercially make use of all its beneficial properties.”

Akestra for Food Contact Use
Akestra for Food Contact Use

The key monomer in Akestra™ received the positive opinion of EFSA (European Food Safety Authority) in October 2014 and is now also added to the latest update of the European Commission regulation regarding “plastic materials and articles intended to come into contact with food” (EU) No 10/2011.

This means Akestra™ can now be used for all type of food contact applications, hot as well as cold. It was already compliant for food-contact use in the United States (FDA) and Japan (JHOSPA). Akestra™ is launched in cooperation with Mitsubishi Gas Chemical (MGC) and brought to Europe by Perstorp.

About Perstorp Group

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Source: Perstorp
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