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New Eco-friendly Thermoplastic for 3D Printing by SK Chemicals at K 2016

Published on 2016-10-19. Author : SpecialChem

At this year’s triennial K show, SK Chemicals is highlighting its wide range of thermoplastics as well as bio-based plastic products for 3D printing, electrical/electronics, appliance, cosmetics, and food packaging applications.

Company’s main focus is at K show is on SKYPLETE – an eco-friendly plastic specially designed for 3D printing applications.

SK Chemicals at K 2016

Key Highlights at K 2016


  • SKYPLETE is eco-friendly, safe to human and high performance thermoplastic materials specially designed for 3D printing applications.
  • It delivers excellent printing performance and does not contain hazardous components such as styrene or BPA which can be found in ABS or PC.


ECOZEN, conceived and developed by SK Chemicals, is bio-based, heat-resistant, and transparent bio-copolyester. Available in 4 distinct product lines, each containing all the advantages of conventional PETG resins, like high transparency, easy processing, and chemical resistance. ECOZEN also has increased heat resistance, while using eco-friendly materials.


SKYPURA is SK Chemicals’ PCT polymer (poly-cyclohexylene dimethylene terephthalate) high performance polyester resin, currently used for electrical/electronics applications such as LED reflectors and SMT connectors.


SKYGREEN is a BPA free high-performance PETG with exceptional transparency, chemical resistance, and processibility. Available in 4 unique grades, SKYGREEN's outstanding features make it an ideal choice for home appliance, cosmetics, and food packaging applications.


ECOTRAN is the world's first Chlorine-free PPS(Polyphenylene Sulfide). It is environmentally-friendly engineering polymers, developed through Initz's proprietary technology and production processes.

Initz is a joint venture between South Korea's SK Chemicals and Japan's TEIJIN Limited in 2013.

About SK Chemicals

SK Chemicals, a Korean manufacturer of thermoplastics products such as co-polyester, PPS, TPU and more.

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Source: SK Chemicals
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